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Our Story, Vision, and Commitment to Excellence

At Win Win Resolution, we understand that the intricacies of the construction industry can lead to conflicts, and dysfunctional processes within organizations can hinder success. But with the right partnering and consultancy, stakeholders can achieve their goals in an environment of trust, teamwork, and efficiency.

  • Creativity

    Fueling innovation with boundless imagination and originality.

  • Relationships

    Forging genuine connections that prioritize mutual growth and trust.

  • Responsibility

    Upholding our commitments with integrity, ensuring we act in the best interests of all.

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Our Services

Construction Partnering

Disputes can hinder the construction process. Through collaboration, we provide tools and methods to navigate these disputes, ensuring project success.

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Our Services

Organizational Consulting

Dysfunctions within organizations can be costly. We aid in streamlining processes and relationships for optimal success.


Our Services

Conflict Resolution

External and Internal conflicts can derail success. We shift perspectives, turning adversaries into problem-solvers.

Mediation of disputes, including business, construction, divorce and family matters, environmental, government, healthcare, insurance, international, labor and management, organizational, public policy, trusts and estates, and will contests.

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We specialize in construction partnering, organizational consulting, and mediation, ensuring seamless collaborations and resolving conflicts for optimal project and organizational success.