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Rich's projects have received the Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Award from the Associated General Contractors of America (the Kitt Peak Observatory Road Project built by Granite Construction Corp. for the Arizona Department of Transportation) and have been recognized by the AGC and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers as among the best partnering practices in the nation (Maintenance Support Facility Seawall Upgrade at NAS North Island, San Diego, CA built by Douglas E. Barnhart, Inc. for the U. S. Navy.)


Maintenance Support Facility Seawall

Maintenance Support Facility Seawall Upgrade Project

Partnering is a process designed to help organizations work together effectively in an atmosphere of teamwork and trust to complete projects and produce goods and services on time/on budget.

Construction People are natural problem solvers. Our Partnering style builds on this natural strength. They experience “problem solving success” because they work in teams to develop each work product of the Partnering Session. They take this experience of “problem solving success” into the field to effectively resolve project issues. Our job is to build the team, set them to work and get out of the way.

Our Partnering Sessions are project focused, fast paced, interactive, and entertaining. Our program is unique because (1) our Partnering Facilitation Team includes both a construction professional of more than 20 years experience and an experienced construction facilitator who is also a certified construction mediator; (2) we use preworkshop participant surveys and interviews to identify project issues; and (3) our ongoing project monitoring, including follow-up sessions and dispute resolution support throughout the project.

Each Partnering Session has Four Objectives:

  1. Rapidly form an effective project team
  2. Build the foundation for successful Partnering relations (project vision/mission, values, goals, team member expectations and contributions)
  3. Develop the Partnering Tool Kit (partnering charter, issue resolution ladder, partnering evaluation process, partnering champions, and executive team leaders)
  4. Identify and resolve project issues Back to Services


Sound Transit

  • 2 years as Partnering Consultant on the $1.5 Billion Puget Sound North Corridor Light Rail System for Sound Transit and the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway in Washington State

University of Washington

  • Center for Urban Horticulture Restoration Project – CDK Construction Services

  • Connibear Shellhouse Project – Sellen Construction

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Howard Hanson Cofferdam Project – Seattle District and Traylor Pacific

  • Clear Baghouse Construction Project – Alaska District and Strand Hunt Construction

  • Malmstrom AFB Housing Project Intervention – Seattle District and Atherton Construction

U.S. Navy

  • Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Construction Project – GeoEngineers

  • Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Parking Structure – Mortenson Construction

  • Waterfront Support Facilities Structure – Korte Company

  • North Sound Base Operating Support Contract – Chugach Industries, Inc.



  • Keahole Airport Runway Improvements - Hawaii DOT, Airports Division

  • Inter Island Terminal Makai, Phase II - Hawaii DOT, Airports Division


  • Agua Fria Bridge Project - AZ DOT

  • Salt River Canyon Bridge - AZ DOT

  • NTC Bridge Replacement  Project - U. S. Navy

  • Cedar Canyon Bridge - AZ DOT


  • Rio Grande American Canal Extension Project - Reach B - involved the construction and reconstruction of a portion of a 15.4 mile concrete-lined canal for the International Boundary & Water Commission in El Paso, Texas.  The initial Partnering Workshop was followed by bimonthly half-day follow-up sessions until the project was completed.

Communications Facilities

  • Pearl Harbor D-454 INADS Facility

Correctional Facilities

  • U. S. Disciplinary Barracks Design Project

  • Salt Lake County Detention Center

  • City of Yuma Municipal Court and Police Complex


  • Seven Oaks Dam Project - The construction of a $360,000,000 dam is part of the $1.5 billion Santa Ana River Flood Prevention Project in the Los Angeles area.  The initial Partnering Workshop was three days.  The project owner is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Counties of Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino.  The contractor was the Brazilian firm, CPBO of America, Inc. 

Design Project

  • SR 87 Design Project - This project involved the design of final plans for Arizona State Route 87.  Included in the 2-Day Partnering Workshop were 55 people, members of the Arizona DOT design team, as well as other stakeholders, including the National Forest Service and FHWA.

Educational Facilities

  • Resident Housing - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ

  • College of Law Facility Improvements - University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

  • Veterinary Medicine Building Renovation - University of Missouri

  • East Valley Institute of Technology - Mesa, AZ, School District

Environmental Projects

  • San Diego Naval Base Clean ll Project - This project involved the conduct of an environmental assessment of the San Diego Naval Base in order to determine necessary environmental remediation actions.  The contract, valued at $270,000,000, involved Bechtel National Corporation and the Southwest Division of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command.

Other Environmental Projects:

  • Pearl Harbor Naval Base Complex Restoration Project - U. S. Navy, EPA

  • El Toro Marine Station BRAC Environmental Clean Up

  • U. S. Navy CLEAN-RAC Regulators Partnering

  • Remedial Action Contract - U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • U. S. Navy West Div Environmental Cost Plus Fee Environmental Contracts

  • BRAC Naval Air Station Guam - U. S. Navy and EPA

  • U. S. Army Corps of Engineers - ECC P-RAC Contract

Facility Management and Maintenance Contracts

  • Base Operating Support Contract for Naval Support Facility at Diego Garcia - This project involved a 4-day partnering session involving nearly 100 people representing the contractor responsible for managing the base and the various military personnel responsible for overseeing the contract.  The contractor was BJS International Associates, a joint venture involving three companies.

  • Navy Public Works Center Job Order Contract - This project involved Partnering between staff from the Southwest Division Navy Public Works Center and those from Holmes & Narver Construction Services, Inc., responsible for providing a variety of maintenance and repair services for various naval bases in the San Diego area. 



Dry Dock - Bangor Submarine Base, Silverdale, WA

Dry Dock - Bangor Submarine Base, Silverdale, WA


High Technology Projects

  • Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, New York, New York - This project involved the installation of electronic toll collection devices on the bridges and tunnels of New York City. It is a state of the art project that involved the installation of sophisticated computer hardware and software systems into the traffic management system of the TBTA.  The contractors were Amtech Systems Corporation, Mark IV Industries and Syntonic.  The project owner is the Metropolitan Bridges and Tunnels Authority of New York City.

  • Installation of Advanced Traffic Management Systems at San Antonio, Texas - Texas DOT

  • Installation of HTE System for Yuma City Government - Yuma, AZ 


  • Kalanianaoli Highway Project - Hawaii DOT

  • Kalia Road Project - U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pacific Division

  • I-H 10 Project - Texas DOT

  • I-5 Construction Project - CALTRANS

  • Meeteetse South Project - Wyoming DOT

  • Crawford-Franklin County I-44 Project - Missouri DOT

  • Bull Frog Basin Access Road Project - Federal Highway Administration


Design Build Commissary at US Marine Corps base - Kanodhe Bay Hawaii

Commissary at US Marine Corps base  Kanaohe Bay Hawaii


International Projects

  • Infrastructure Design and Planning Workshop - Government of American Samoa

  • Base Operating Support Contract, Naval Station Diego Garcia

  • 7 Oaks Dam Construction Project - CPBO of America, a Brazilian contractor, and the U. S. Army Corps of  Engineers

  • Strategic Planning Sessions between the U. S. and the Mexican Sections of the International Boundary and Water Commission


  • Piers 2, 5, and 6 Project - U. S. Navy

  • Pier Extension and Rehabilitation, San Clemente Island - U. S. Navy


  • Special Boat Facility (P-150) - U. S. Navy

  • After Consolidated Support Facility at Travis Air Force Base

  • General Warehouse Addition Project -  U.S. Navy

  • Kodiak Cold Storage Facility - Coast Guard Support Center, Kodiak, Alaska.

  • Fuel Storage Facility - Naval Air Weapons System Command, China Lake, CA

  • Dormitories at Travis Air Force Base Project - U. S. Air Force and U. S. Navy

  • Post Graduate Mechanical Engineering Building - U. S. Navy, Monterrey, CA




        Federal Court House - Portland, Oregon

U.S. Federal Court House
Portland, Oregon

Waste Water Treatment Plants

  • Industrial Process Water Treatment Facility - City of Chandler, AZ

  • Apra Harbor Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Honolulu Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion - Unit 1A

  • NCTAMS EASTPAC - Sewage Collection System

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